Friday, January 30, 2015

Cupcake Love

Tube By Freya Langford-Sidebottom called Cupcake Valentine
 Sold here
 FTU kit Love by Polkadot scarps download it here
 Template by Polkadot scraps download it here
mask  top secret By Melissa Download it here
Font Aristocrat LET
Eye Candy Impact glass and perspective shadow
Mura Meister Copies -Line
Open your template. Resize if needed
 Reduce your tube and cupcake by 80%
During the making of this tag I recolored most of the elements to match the tube.
I know there is another kit on the page that matches better but I liked this kit for this tube. Remember this is Just a guide :).
Activate the circle layer of your template and add a new raster layer.
 Floodfill in a linear gradient with no repeats using two colors from your tube.
 I used #cc9693 in the foreground and #9c1d05 in the background.
 Duplicate your tube and increase the size by 120% then apply Mura Mesiter Copies -Line at these settings:
Invert the selection on the circle layer then go back to your tube line and delete the excess, Change the blend to soft light.
Add a new raster and flood fill the with a gradient using the same pink, swap materials and place the color #52372c in the foreground and apply your mask. move this layer as your last layer of the tag.
On the layers right and left circle copy/paste the button 1 element into selections then using your color changer tool  fill it with the red we used before.
Activate the oval layer, then paste paper2 as a new rater layer , invert selections and hit delete. 
Using your color changer tool change the brown to the red color.
Flood fill the rectangle mat with the brown we used on the mask layer.
 Copy paste paper3 into selections then color change  the top of this gradient paper to the pink color.
 Using a plain font( I forgot what i used i think is was Tacoma sized 20) Type cupcake love in the color white.
 Then apply Mura Meister copies line at the same settings. Then copy the line, move it down and over to the right. Repeat until the entire rectangle is covered with the wording, then change the blend to dodge and opacity to 58. Activate the rectangle then invert the selections and hit delete.
Copy/paste paper4 to top left circle and bottom right circle. Duplicate them and change the blend to burn.
Floodfill the square mat in the color brown we used then duplicate and change the blend to burn.
 Copy/paste paper into selection of square above it and color change to the pink we used
Place frame4 and change the color of one of the gems to the red color.
 on the heart layers flood fill in the gradient we used on the circle layer then apply Eye Candy Glass to both.
Place ribbon1 and color in the red. place flower2 behind it on the left and change the color to the darker brown found on the tube.
Reduce string by 80% and bow by 50%. Change the color of the bow to red
 Place elements as you wish i used flower1,3 and all the letter tiles.
All layers and elements were drop shadowed using the Eye candy impact Perspective shadow settings below
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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