Friday, January 23, 2015

Gambled with Love

Tube artist Barbara Jensen
 sold here
 kit by Pink Paradox Productions called
Love's A Gamble
 Sold here
font of choice

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Place your tube in the center, Duplicate your tube and apply Gaussian Blur at 5 and change the blend to soft light.
 Then apply Effect, Photo Effects - film& Filters Glamour to the bottom tube
Reduce el 152 by 45%, duplicate and mirror. place at the bottom edge of your tube
 items place on top of the foliage:
Reduce el 87 by 35% then again by 80%
el130 at 10%
el 56,84 , 139,150reduced by 15%
el 101,117 and 181 by 20%
 el7 35%
Behind the tube layer reduce the following:
el61 by 50%
el94 by 50% placed to the to right and 35% place to the bottom left.
El64 and frame 7 reduced by 80%
Reduce paper8 by 25% and place under the frame layer.
el 89 and 93 by 35%
Duplicate the scoreboard and change the blend to multiply then merge down,
place el 64 over the board and reduce by 15%
to make our mask place el 168 as the last layer and place to the upper right hand corner of the canvas, then duplicate,mirror, duplicate flip and duplicate one last time and mirror.
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