Thursday, January 8, 2015

Get Well Soon

Tube used 2011-2013 Bed Time HD SL by Ismael Rac
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FTU kit ah ah choo ... download it here
Mask WSL 4
 fonts- Angella outline and scriptina

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650 
Reduce your tube by 50%
 Place el 28 under the tube.
 Place el 27 behind the tube.
Reduce the rug by 55%
Elements at the base of the dresser and near the tube were reduced as follows:
el 41 by 15%
el7 by 20%
el 29 by 25%
el 10 by 45%
Elements on top of the dresser
el30 by 30%
el48 by 8 %
el 52 by 12%
Reduce el 21 by 35%
Place the frame on top of the dresser layer matching the bottom edge with the  bottom edge of the dresser top. using your pick tool setting to perspective pull down the top left node to change the angle of the frame to match the angle of the dresser top. when you are done change the setting to scale on the pick tool options and stretch the frame to enlarge a little and pull up to lengthen.
Now place paper6 as the last layer of the tag.
Click inside the frame and expand your selections by 3. 
Add a new raster layer and flood fill in the color white. keep activated then on your layers palette select the paper layer and promote the layer.
 Apply Eye Candy 5 Nature Sheet of ice setting and adjust the settings as follows:

Now move the white layer up and reduce the opacity to 45
We are gonna dress the mirror scene.
reduce the bed element by 25% and mirror.
We are gonna create a window.
Using the brown color from the kit on the foreground and the background null
Use your preset rectangle tool line stlye solid and thickness set to 10.
 Draw a small square. convert to raster.
Draw another square with the line thickness at 2 and smaller at the top left edge of the inside of the first square. convert top raster then duplicate and mirror. merge them together. Click inside the boxes we just made, expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper3
Reduce el 18 by 25% and place on top of the window frame we just made, duplicate mirror and free rotate it 20 to the left and place the bottom edge over the top part of the window to create a valance. delete the excess on the top pass the window top edge.
Lower the opacity of the bed and window by 38%
Duplicate the items on the dresser and move slightly to the left and reduce the opacity to 40%
Add el 25, click inside using your magic wand, expand the selections by 2, invert selections and hit delete on the paper layer.
 Reduce the elements on the frame as follows:
 5 at 15%
16 at 20%
17 at 25%
15 at 30%
Add paper 7 and apply your mask.
Type out wording in the angella font, click inside the font, expand the selections by 2, add paper reduced by 25% under the font layer invert selections then hit delete.
 using the scriptina font write the second part of the wording and add a gradient glow.
 Add your name with the same gradient glow
 add your artist URL, CR and license number
 Thanks for looking

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