Monday, January 5, 2015

Love me Kiss me

Keith Garvey- Lilac sold here
Jackie's Jewels
Mask- Trese 489 download here
Xero mistifier
Xero Porcelain
Drops shadow for the tag 3,3,40,3 black

Open anew canvas 650 by 650
open el 5 reduce by 45% then 80% free rotate it 20 to the left
place el 16 the reduce by 80%
reduce el 26 by 50% then place over the beige flower.
Reduce 28,50 ,79 by 50%
 el 29 by 45%
 place el 23, 24, 43 70 and 72
Free rotate el 6 90 to the left
 Place el 14 under the frame to the left and el74 to the bottom right
Reduce el 37 by 45% and place across the canvas then merge down together.
Place paper15 right under it. Place el 12 to the left over the paper layer.
Place your tube to the right under the flower layers. and apply Xero Porcelain at these settings:
Click the inside of your frame and hit promote layer on your paper. then place a tube over the paper layer and change the blend to overlay , apply the same filter as we used before then invert the selections and hit delete.
 I used another tube of the same artist from the same store.
Apply your mask to the word layer and your bottom paper layer
Close your background layer, merge your tag , copy, unmerge, the tag, paste the copy over the tag apply Xero Mistifier at default.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and Your license number'
 Thanks for looking

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