Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Loving Life Everyday

Bottoms up By Barbara Jensen
New Pinup Pack 66 is now available here:
Pinup Pack 66 has a bunch of layers including makeup, clothing, jewelry, tattoos, wings, hats and some Val Day and St Pats Day layers! Don't forget that you are allowed to erase and change the colors too...just more fun! There is also the tube option without layers
Kit By Crazy Carita  called Love Day Everyday
 buy it here
Font- La Carte
 Mask Vix 260 download here
Xero- SuperSmooth
Xero- Radiance
 Open  new canvas 650by 650 
Reduce el 12 by 50% duplicate and free rotate it 20 to the right. Move down a bit.
Click inisde the straight frame, expand your selections by 10, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 10 into selections.
 Repeat with the angled frame using paper5.
Place your close up tube over the paper,inverts selections and hit delete.
 Change the blend to screen and opacity to 73%.
 Apply Xero Radiance at default to the closeup tube.
Add el 18 behind the straight frame to the left. Add the closeup tube again, change the blend to soft light , apply radiance again then erase the tube's excess.
Place el3 on top between the frames
Place elements 6,16 and 23 on top of the vine layer.
 Reduce 6 by 40%, 16 by 25% and 23 by 15%
Reduce el 7 by 505 and place to the top right behind the frames and foliage layers.
 Duplicate mirror and flip.. Place el9 to the bottom left under it.
 Under el 9 and above the clock place elements 27 and 28.
 Reduce the beadS BY 50%
Reduce el 11 the same size and place to the top right under the flower layer.
Reduce elements 114, and 7 by 50%
el2 by 25%
Place the vine again reduce by 50% and free rotate 20 to the right.
 Add your tube  then place the vine at the bottom edge
 Reduce the cat by 35%
 Add Xero super smooth at default to the tube layer.
 Apply Photo effects- vivid skin tones at default twice
Add el29 a couple of times and apply noise at 100 to it.
 Add your name apply eye candy glass your artist URL, CR and your license number
Animated version

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