Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Milkshake

Tube-010-2012 Bonus Milkshake by Ismael Rac
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FTU Kit By Delicious Scraps- Brighten Up  Download it here
 FTU Template Download it here
The template designer deleted the link and her blog is inactive . here is the preview to make the template yourself

Mask- Vix mask 451 Download it here
Font- Iova Nova
 Eye candy Gradient Glow
 Drop shadow for the tag- 2,2,47,3 black
 Open your template and expand your canvas to 650 by 650 . We will crop this later.
Flood fill the background in white so we can see what we are working with.
Add your tube to the center of the template.
Crop your tag then add a new raster layer flood fill it in two color gradient linear angle at 45 and no repeats , using these two colors #2bc7f5 and #e01465
 Apply your mask then using your pick tool once you have merged group on your mask layer stretch the mask to fill the canvas.
Delete the CR and all the pixel word layers.
 Select all on the large wording on the sides and add a new raster layer. Flood fill with your gradient.
Apply Effects,Edge effects and enhance at default.
Reduce the bracket element by 20% and place behind the wording layer.
 Reduce daisy 2 by 25% and place to the top right corner of the template.
Copy/paste paper4 into  main rect back, duplicate and change the blend to hard light
Copy/paste paper8 into  main  black rectangle
Reduce ruffled ribbon by 15% and paste around the lower and upper square frame
 Add your tube to the rt bottom and upper lt square layers and change the blend to soft light, activate the layers , invert selection of the squares and hit delete on the tube layers.
 Using your rectangular selection tool select the portion of the square that doesn't have the dots then apply Penta Jeans at default. repeat with the other square layer.
Delete the center circle and it's background and replace it with  the tag elements reduced by 30%.
 Click inside the white circle of the tag and invert your selections.
 place your close up tube and hit delete. change the blend to hardlight
Reduce elements as follows
daisy and flower by 10%
 mirrored clipped flower by 15%
 Journal by 15% free rotate it 25 to the left
 and string3 by 20%
Add your name in the gradient we used before then apply a thick white outline.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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