Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Tube Steampunk Girl By Very Many
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions
 Called Steampunk Girl
 Sold here
Font Apollo  ASM here
Mask Trese 545 download it here
Xero Nostalgia
Eye Candy Impact -Perspective Shadow

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 80% twice
Apply Xero Nostalgia at these settings:
 the apply Effects Photo Effects film&filters
film looks at warm earth tones, creative filters none, tone in white and density at 0
 then apply Eye candy Impact-Perspective Shadow at these settings:

 Reduce frame 22 by 45%
Click inside the frame and expand the selections by 2, add paper27 and the closeup tube,invert selections then delete the tube and paper excess.
Reduce el202 by 45% and paste a couple of times to make a tile over the tube layer,merge them down.Activate the frame background then invert selections and hit delete 
Change the blend to the wording to soft light then apply Adjust- brightness/contrast-brightness/contrast setting at 255 and 100. 
 Change the blend to the tube layer to Luminance
Apply the same perspective shadow to the frame.
Reduce el5 by 25% free rotate 25 to the right and apply the perspective shadow to this element as well.
The rest of the elements were drop shadowed at 2,2,40,3 black
Place paper 36 as your last layer then apply your mask( invert mask data)
Merge group then apply Noise at 100.
 Because the mask leaves a haze use your freehand selection tool and increase your feather to 10
Draw a wavy line on the outskirts of your canvas making sure your line is not too close to the artwork of the mask, Invert selections the hit delete. I hit delete twice to sharpen the edges.
To fill our tag up reduce the following elements:
35,62,127 and 128 by 15%
43,46,109 by 20%
175,176,177,188,198 by 25%
67,130,154 and 168 by 30%
167,195,201 by 35%
42,123,179,190 by 40%
41 and 66 by 50%
53 by 255 then 80%
Add your name with a size 3 pixel outline using the brass gradient, your artist URL, CR and your license number

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