Saturday, January 17, 2015

Waiting For You

 Tube Misticheskaya found at
Kit-Pink Paradox Propductions
Waiting For You
 Buy It here
Mask By Trese  521 download it here
Font Intima2

Open a new canvas 650 by 650( we will crop this down later) background color in black( we will change it to white later if you wanted)
Reduce el160 by 28%.Using your pick tool move it down to the bottom edge of the canvas.
Reduce frame21, frame 14 and your tube by 50%Place all items above the masked heart layer.
Using your eraser tool erase some of the splatter from your masked heart layer.
Reduce el 95 by 80% and place under the masked heart layer.
Place el 139 above the envelope layer and reduce el 120 by 50%
Reduce el 140 by 505 and free rotate it 20 degrees to the left. Place behind the flower, duplicate, mirror and move down to the right. 
Duplicate again and free rotate 90 to the left and move to the left of the canvas.
Duplicate your tube, then click inside the marble frame , expand your selections by 1, invert selections then hit delete on your bottom tube layer and move under the frames layer. on the top tube erase the left side of your tube.
Reduce el 136 by 50% and place under the tube layer over the frames layers.
Reduce the following elements below and place as desired.
el 22,113,119by 10%
el 17,64,166,123 by 20%
el4,25,39, 99,109by 25%
el 103by 50%
Add paper 21 then crop your tag again. Apply your mask, add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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