Friday, February 20, 2015

Be You

2012-2015 BB Lollipop HD SL by Ismael Rac
 sold here
FTU kit by Polkadot scraps called Sweets
 download it here
 Template 121 download it here
Trese mask 9 download it here
 Font- choclate dealer
Gradient glow and HSB Noise was used in this tut

 Open your template and delete the CR ,,white wording, wording d/s, white rings, wording overlay and small words.
 Move Be you to the top left and delete the other half of the wording.
IN the kit we will be changing the color blue to match the tube. I used #0099d7 and for the pink  I used #da2b9b
Using these two colors make a gradient and flood fill a new raster layer then apply your mask. Merge group, duplicate and reduce by 50% then paste the reduced mask around the edges of the canvas, Apply HSB noise to the original mask.
Using this same gradient flood fill the word art Be You and then apply a thick white gradient glow.
Place el 18 recolored in blue above the masked layer at the top right and bottom left of the canvas.
Copy/paste paper9 into selections of the green square layer then add a thick white gradient glow
 Repeat with paper 10 with the right purple square layer
Copy/paste paper6 into selections of orange swirly shape layer,then add a thick white gradient glow. Repeat with paper 5 to the pink swirly shape
Copy/paste paper2 into selections of the cream oval shape
Copy/paste paper1 into selections of the left purple rectangle. Go to Effects enhance edges and duplicate, change the blend to hard light , merge down, duplicate and move over the right green rectangle layer
Copy/paste paper 12into selections into the center orange layer
 Place el 36 over the center circle and delete all the center circle layers
 Add a thick white gradient glow to the element
 Place el 7 and 8 over left and right pink circle layers
 Add your tube and apply a thick white gradient glow
Reduce the following elements
reduce by 50% elements 4,610,11,23 and 26
 el5 and 24 by 25%
 add your name in the same gradient we used before then apply a thick white gradient glow.
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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