Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chasing Leprechauns

Tube by Kajenna found here for purchase
FTU template 2013-2 download it here
 FTU kit Miz T St.Patty's Day download it here
Mask 38 by Horseplay pastures download it here
font KG Miss Speechy IPA
Eye Candy Glass was used

Open your template  and delete the cr ,gold, shamrocks, gold arch, arch frame and arch background.
Reduce your tube by 25%. Place behind the leprechaun wordart
Move the wordart down a bit and apply Glass to the black word portion.
Duplicate the dog and mirror. Place at the top left side of the last layer of the template.
Place paper1 behind  the dog then merge down and apply your mask.
 Merge group then duplicate until the image of the dag is darkened.
Copy/paste paper4 into selections of raster layer5 and colorize the white to the green on he paper.
Place el 3 to the right. then reduce el 10 by 50% and place under the " Gonna catch me a " and add a thick drop shadow on the wordart.
Copy/paste el19 into selections of the top green circle. 
 Reduce el 9 by 35% and place over the green circle portion where the rain bow ends
Copy/paste paper2 into selections of the orange shape
Add noise to the center green glitter frame.
Reduce paper9 by 25% and place three times to fill the green center shape, invert selections and hit delete.
Reduce el 38 by 40% and place on each side of the shape.
Copy/paste el 18  into selections of the small green circle
place el 37 under the tube layer to the left , duplicate and mirror
Reduce the elements as follows:
 el 25 by 25%
elements 12,13,17,and 20 by 35%
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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