Friday, February 6, 2015

Desire Me Tonight

Tube by Ismael Rac 2015 Desire Me HD

Sold Here
 Matching kit by Moonshine Desinez

 sold here
font used Nueva York
Mask Used Trese mask 521 download it here
 Open a new canvas 600 by 600
Reduce el6 by 80%,duplicate,flip, duplicate free rotate 90 to the left, duplicate mirror. 
Make a circle using these fans. Place your tube then using your free hand selection tool with feather set to 10 follow the bottom edge o f the fans  then draw out to the edge of the canvas then hit delete on your tube.
`Place el 24 behind the tube to the right, duplicate then mirror.
Place el18 then el21 reduced by 25%
Reduce the following elements
el 5 by 25
el9,16 and 25 by 40
el15 by 35%
el 1,22 by 50
el 19,27 by 80
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