Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Rock It

Tube by Alehandra Vanhek called Let's Rock 
 sold here
 Kit by Toxic Desirez
  Let's Rock

 Sold here
Mask by rachel RR Maskset1 -1 download it here
Font used Texas Grunge
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 45%, duplicate it and apply Adjust- Skin Smoothing  at default to the duplicate.
 To the original apply GAUSSIAN BLUR of 5 then apply XENOFEX2- CONSTELLATIONS small stars to the layer. Then change the blend to overlay.
Duplicate the skin smoothed layer and apply XERO- GREYSCALER at default then change the blend to soft light. Add a drop shadow to the middle tube layer
Reduce frame 2 by 80%, click inside the frame, expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper11 into selections.
Place the splatter element behind the star background layer to the bottom left and right.
Reduce frame3 by 80%,place paper7 behind the frame layer, click inside the frame, expand your selections by 2, invert your selections and hit delete. duplicate your paper layer then apply PHOTO EFFECT-INFRARED FILM at default then change the blend to hard light.
Add doodle 1 to the top left and doodle to the top left. Click inside the star of doodle and expand your selections by 2,add paper9 behind this layer then invert selections and hit delete.
Add noise to the doodle then add XENOFEX-CONSTELLATIONS
Add paper 12behind this layer and apply your mask.
Place wordart and reduce by 80% then apply EYE CANDY GRADIENT GLOW in a thick white.
Reduce the speaker by 90% then50% and place right behind the tube layer.
Duplicate the star frame and reduce by 50% , free rotate it 10 to the right , duplicate it and mirror.
 Click inside both stars then add paper.10invert selections and hit delete , do not deselect.
 Add g crowd element then hit delete. Apply a thick gradient glow in white to the crowd element.
Reduce the following elements
 buttons,headphones,ticket, cds, pass,pick and hand by 25%
microphone and string by 45%
Speaker,film strip,piano keys by 50%
 Guitar by 65% then free rotate it 10 to the rt
Add paper4 and click inside the film strip invert selections and hit delete
Add your name, then convert to raster and add noise, then XENOFEX CONSTELLATIONS and EYE CANDY GRADIENT GLOW using two colors from the kit.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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