Monday, February 9, 2015

My Sexy Valentine

 Tube by Jose Cano Called Nadia
 Sold here
 Matching kit by Dance In The Rain
 Sold here
Template by Vabys Valentine2 download it here
Font used MF Love Song
Mask used by Dee Flower mask 20154 download it here

 Eye Candy Gradient Glow

 open your template and delete the CR layer
 Reduce your tube by 43%
Apply Xero Radiance at these settings:
 Add paper 4 and apply your mask. Merge the group, duplicate three times and move the mask around each of the edges of the canvas
Place el3 and reduce by 90%
 Reduce el 23 by 70% and place to the far right, duplicate mirror and move down to the far left
Reduce el 14 by 50% and duplicate.Place to the top right and bottom left.
Add a thick black and red gradient glow
 Copy /paste paper 3 into selections of raster3
 apply Gradient glow on raster4
Using raster 5 as a guide, reduce paper5 free rotate 90 to the left and reduce by 25%
 Place to the left side of the heart, invert selections and hit delete. Add the tube and erase the excess.
Change the blend to Luminance(L) and opacity to 28
Place el 17 behind the  thin wordart layer  and erase the bottom
 On the other side of the heart place paper 12 into selections
Place el 10 reduce by 25% over the right top of the heart.
Add a thick black and white gradient glow on raster layer 8 then apply an inner bevel.
Reduce el 25 by 50% and place behind raster layer9
Copy/paste paper8 into raster layer9, place closeup tube and change the blend to Luminance. Erase the excess.
Add Red and black gradient glow to raster layer 10
 Reduce el 29 by 25% and free rotate it 8 to the right
Reduce the following elements:
el 19 by 50%
el5 and 9 by 25%
el18 by 15% and el4 by 20%
Copy paste paper 13 into raster layer11 and apply red and black gradient glow, duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
 Using your magic wand select the word sexy and copy paste paper1 into selections and sharpen.
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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