Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pretty Nerdy

Tube by Arthur Crowe called
Clover Nerd
 sold here

 Matching kit sold here
Mask used WSL 265
 Font used - Ale and Wenches BB
Filters/plugins used
HSB Noise-Eye candy
Where Are you - Toadies
Gradient glow- Eye candy

 open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce el 13 by 80%, select all then copy/paste paper8 into selections then apply Inner bevel at these settings:

Click inside the frame and expand your selections by5, add a new raster layer then flood fill in a gradient. i used a linear gradient no repeats with two colors from the kit
#01580d and #153f5f
Then apply HSB noise at these settings:
Duplicate the frame and apply Toadies where are you art default then apply Effects-Textures effects- blinds at these settings:
Duplicate this layer and change the blend to multiply
 Duplicate the frame layer again and change the blend to multiply
Place el22 over the frame layer and el18 over that one.
 Then add your tube. Apply Photo Effects- film and filters enhanced foliage at default.
Reduce the following elements:
2,26,28 and 30 by 50%
1,17 and 25 by 25%
place el19 over the tube layer.
Add el3 behind both toadies layers.
 duplicate it and apply effects- 3D Effects- cutout at these settings:
to one of the layers then repeat with the second layer but change the vertical and horizontal offset to -4. Merge them down then using your magic wand click inside the shamrock shapes and expand your selections by 3 and add a new raster layer.
 Copy/paste paper into selections.
 Add a new raster layer then flood fill in a gradient i used the same green as I did before but change the blue to the olive green for the kit
Apply your mask then merge the group.
Using your selection tool select the rectangle area of your mask then invert the selections and add noise at 74
Add your name then apply a white gradient glow , artist URL, CR and your license number

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