Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tender Love

 Tube by Christ Pastel called Carla

 buy it here
 Kit used in this tut is by Kizzed by Kelz called Love me Tender
 Sold here
 mask used Trese mask 489 download it here
 Font used- Jellyka Delicious Cake
Xero porcelain
Mura Mesiter copies

 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 45%
Duplicate your tube and apply Photo filters-Film&filters setting to Vibrant foliage -creatives none, color white density 0
Duplicate and apply Xero Porcelain settings: change the blue to 0 and the red channel to 255, apply Gaussian blur of 5 and change the blend to screen.
Place paper1 and apply your mask, invert mask data checked if you are using the same mask. then merge group and apply noise 47.
Place el 81 behind the tube layer, duplicate,mirror and move the duplicate down to meet the bottom edge of the original then merge them together.
 Click inside the frames and expand the selections.
 Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper5 into selections.
Add the tube closeup over the paper layer then change the blend to overlay.
 Erase any tube hanging past the paper layer.
designing from the mask to the top layer place  el 32 then el 86 to the left behind the frame to the top of the bottom frame, duplicate mirror and move to the bottom of the bottom frame.
Place el 111 then el 88 on the top and bottom of the frame.
 And over those layers place el 75
 Above the frame layer under the tube layer place el 75 again but flipped.
Reduce el 110 by 50% and free rotate it 10 to the right and sharpen.
Reduce el 42 by 205 and place to the left of the heart.
Place el 100 under the tube layer.
Place el98 then 29 by 40%,el 3 by 50% and 109 by 25%
On top of the frame mirror el 79  and reduce el92 by 15%,103 by 20%
Reduce el 95 by 105 then apply Mura Mesiet copies. glob until you make a scatter,
Move the sliders around until you are satisfied.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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