Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Chick Is Funny

Tube used in this quick tut is by Ismael Rac called 2015 Silly Girl HD SL

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But is now part of

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 Template by Spawn was used
 download template 140 here
 I used Xenofex2 Constellations
Eye Candy Gradient glow
Animation Shop3 is what I used to animate
Fonts used Diner,Acrylic script , Brisa

I used the blue layer of the tube.
Flood fill the main background with a linear gardient 0 repeat using two colors from your tube.
I used #008fce and #14374e
Change the mini squares layer to the color white and change the blend to soft light.
 I used Adjust brightness and contrast to change the color.
 Merge this down with the main background layer.
Place your tube four times on the canvas. three right about the main background and once on top of all the layers
Change all the rectangle layers to the color white as well and lower the opacity to 40. Merge all of then down together.
Merge all the frames together and change the color to white as well, then drop shadow.
 Merge all the lines layers together then change them to the color grey by way of brightness and contrast. then color change them to the darker blue of your tag. Duplicate the layer 3 times.
On the top layer add noise, monochrome, Gaussian at 74
the other layers add Xenofex2 Constellations and hit seed for each layer.
Using the Diner font in size 145 pixels type each letter of you word to font inside the middle of your rectangles then convert to raster and add a white and blue gradient glow
Add a blue gradient glow to the border
Add your wording if desired with the other font Brisa and your name in the acrylic font.
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
 Crop your tag
Close off the background layer and three tube layers.  Close off the two constellation layers and leave the noise and 1 constellation layer open.
Merge visible then copy paste to AS as a new animation, come back to psp and unmerge. Close the constellation layer you had open and open the next one.
Merge visible again then copy/paste to AS after current frame. repeat  this with the other layer . Select all in AS and select Propagate paste as well minimize.
 Now close off all layer then open just the main background layer and copy/paste to AS as a new animation.
Come back to psp open one of the tube layers then merge visible and copy/paste to AS after current frame.
 Repeat with the other tube layers.
 After they are all placed in AS click the first frame the empty frame and hit Effects on the top tool bar and select image transition, on the drop menu look for fade. click it and hit ok. it will add frames on the last highlighted frame click the one next to it and repeat. Continue this until all frames have been faded. Then select all. open up the constellation animation we made select all then paste into frames.
 Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking


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