Monday, March 2, 2015


Tube Cowgirl5 by Jose Cano
 Found here
 Kit By MellieBeans
 found here
 Mask: 40_3 by Rachel found here
Font Afton James
Eye Candy4 Chrome

 This tut is really about how I used the filter Chrome. 
Below I will give the percentage you need reduce your elements and built in filters/blends to recreate this tag.
I used a canvas sized 650 by 650
 Tube and el4 reduced by 75%
Elements 3 ,11and 25 by 50%
Elements 15,16 23and 27 by 25%
Element 12 by 20%
Add paper 11 and apply your mask. I merged the group then duplicated it a couple of times to darken it.
Sharpen all reduced elements.
On the star I free rotated 15 to the left and added an enhanced edge effect.
On the cowgirl wordart, duplicate and change the blend to overlay
On the vases,duplicate and change the blend to hard light
 Type your name in the font in the color black
 then apply Eye Candy4 Chrome at these settings:
Change the settings to hammered aluminum
 then set these settings:
Click the lighting tab and change these settings:
then Hit the Bevel profile and choose button but move the nodes in the picture to show like the one below.
Then the last step is to add enhance edge effects and a thick drop shadow 
Add artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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