Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Steampunk Girl By Kajenna
 sold here
FTU kit by Tasha called Skulls and Stripes 
 download it here
Template 17 by Miranda Download it here
mask WSL218
download it here
Font Oregano
Open the template and change the canvas size to 650 by 650
Delete the CR layer and reduce both raster 11 and 10 by 95%
working with raster 11 copy/paste paper 14 into selections then select all .contract selections by 10, promote layer, add the closeup tube,change the blend to soft light ,invert selections and hit delete.
Place the tube again and reduce by 38%,move behind the wordart layer
copy /paste paper 15 into selections of raster1 and paper5 into raster 3
 Reduce frame by 60% and place over both circle layers
Copy/paste flair2 into the top circle layer.
Free rotate skull charm and the blade  20 to the right 
 Reduce the stars by 50%
 Click into the letter of the word strange, prompt the layer and copy/paste paper 4 in to the selections then apply Eye Candy Glass and enhance the edges
Add paper 10 and apply your mask.
 Add the desired elements around the tag.
Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking


  1. The mask 218 I have is round & nothing like you are showing. Also what do you mean by "prompt" your layer? Lovely tut here and I want to thank you for sharing.

  2. It is the mask i used for the tut. and if you looked at the top and bottom edges of the mask it matches. The word is supposed to be promote. I guess spell check went and changed
    the word. Thanks so much for trying my tut

  3. I did the tutorial and really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing.


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