Monday, March 9, 2015


 Tube by Cris DeLara 
 sold here
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called 
 Light My Fire
 Sold here
Font Keep On Truckin
Mask WSL 208

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place your tube front and center
Reduce 169 by 50% and place to the top left and bottom right them merge them down.
 Reduce frame 5 and 15 by 35%
Place frame 15 behind the tube then place frame 5 right above it.
 Reduce paper 36 by 25% and place behind frame 15, reduce paper21 by 15% and place behind frame 5.
Reduce el 180 by 35% and place over the left side of frame 5, enhance edges and sharpen.
Reduce el 163 and place right behind frame 5 layer.
Reduce el 90 by 45% twice and place on the left and right
Place paper19 and apply your mask and move to the last layer
reduce el 105 by 35% and place under the tube layer
Place el164 behind frame15 background layer but move down towards the cobblestone street and reduce by 50%
Reduce the following elements:
50and 165 by15
52and 59by20
44 , 70and74 by25
66by 30
79,98 by35
58 by 40
102 by45
117 by 255 then free rotate 25 to the left
Add your name then convert to raster. select all-modify selections and select selections borders set to size 4, add a new rater layer then copy/paste paper 28 into selections.
Add a thick drop shadow promote the layer then lower the opacity to the original name to 56
 Add artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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