Monday, March 2, 2015

Hot Sassy Pants

 Tube by Arthur Crowe -sexy nice peppermint
 sold at
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions
Urban Beauty
 sold here
Mask By Rachel mask40_2 download it here
Font Qarrotface
Temp By dee download it here

Open your template and reduce it to 650 on it's longest side then increase your canvas to 650 by 650 and flood fill your background in white
Add paper9 and apply your mask. then merge group and reduce by 50%. copy and paste the mask all around your canvas, merge down then move to the last layer.
Reduce all your building elements by 20%
I used elements 79,80,84,85 and 104
Reduce el104 by 35% and place to the left of the buildings
Delete center pink, blue and white strips
Copy/paste paper41 into selections of the right black circle .
 Then repeat with frame21 and enhance edge.
Reduce el 86 by 25% and place over this layer
Copy/paste frame14 into selections of the left black circle and enhance edges
Copy/paste el26 into selections of the right light grey circle layer
Repeat on the left circle with paper 18
 Using your top pink stripe as your guide reduce el 109 by 25% and pl;ace over the layer then delete it. repeat with the bottom pink stripe and delete the pixel wordart
Reduce el 36 by 50% and place over the top blue rectangle layer then delete it
Copy/paste paper11 into selections center grey circle 
 Reduce el 92 by 35% and place to the right of the circle.
Reduce paper27 by 25% and place over the bottom blue rectangle,invert selections and hit delete. you might wanna duplicate the paper to fill the layer.
Copy/paste paper7 into selections of the black square  then apply LEKlandofwonders zitah at default twice.
Copy/paste frame14 into selections of the white outline layer then enhance the edges.
Copy/paste paper 35 into selections of the white star layer then enhance edges
Repeat with paper18 to ther pink star layer. Add your tube,mirror it invert selections and hit delete. Change the blend to soft light.
 Duplicate the paper layer and promote it over the tube layer then apply 3D effects cutout
Delete the small starrs and CR layers
Add your tube and reduce by 50%
Color change the wordart using two colors from the kit. I used the red and lilac colors. i used these same colors for the name as well.
Reduce your elements as follows:
 By 8%-15
By 10%-17,19
By 20%- 6,10
by 25%-8,9,14,16,28 and 35
By 35%29, 46,56
By 40%-47
 Place el 24
 Add your name then a gradient glow,artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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