Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's showtime

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Fonts: Atlas and Crazy Creation font
Open a new canvas sized 600 by 250
Add paper 2 then duplicate and apply LenK landof wonders Andreas to the duplicate then change the blend to overlay.
 Using your rectangular selection tool drae out some thin rectangles and hit delete on the Andreas layer, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper6 into selections then change the blend to overlay then duplicate ansd apply 3D effects Cutout at these settings:
Lower the opacity to 67%
Using the Crazy creations font set to 16 pixels type out your wording. I typed" It's showtime"
Duplicate and select then using your CTRL key and right arrow key at the same time on your key board hit the arrow key 10 times to move the duplicate over to the right, repeat until you have filled the top two rectangle areas with your wordart. Rename from left to right top to bottom 1 thru 6 so when you animate you wont get all confused.
Add the fan element to the bottom right
Reduce the elements by 25%
Add your tube then add your tube with the eyes layer closed.
 Clikc the layer link toggle on both tube layers then move your tube to the left and mirror both of them. Add a drop shadow to the bottom tube and Eye Candy Perspective shadow at these settings:
Select around the eye area then invert your selections and hit delete on the top tube. rename eyes on this layer.
 Select all then add a thin 1 pixel border and flood fill with a gradient of two colors that matches your kit. Then apply some noise to it.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
Type your name in the Atlas font and add noise to it and a thin dark drop shadow.
Add to Animation shop and Insert image effects underwater at these settings:

 Select all and hit Propagate paste 
 now back to PSP
 Select the wordart 1 and merge visble.
 Copy and Add to Animation shop as a new animation
then unmerge visible and repeat with wordart 2 then copy /paste after current frame . Repeat this until you have all 6 wordart layers pasted. then close out all the wordart layers open your eyes layer and paste after the current frame.
 Repeat but this time with the eyes open. 
 Then copy the first frame and paste after the last frames added. select the second to the last frame and apply transition effects dissolve at these settings:
Select all ans change the speed by way of Animations-frame properties 
to 35
Copy your name we added earlier then copy/paste into frames and save as a GIF.
Repeat this with an avatar to your liking
Thanks for checking this out

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