Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love This Moment

 Tube by Roman Zaric sold at
Kit-Inzpired Creationz
Sold here
mask 18 found here
 font Quicker Demo

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce frame4 by 80% and move to the far right
 Click inside and expand the selections by 6, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper10 into selection
 reduce flourish2 by 50% and place over the top left side of the paper.
Using your preset tool set to circle draw a medium sized circle to the left of the frame right under the flourish. Copy/paste paper3 into selections
Draw a smaller circle to the bottom right of the circle we just drew and copy/paste paper2 into selections 
 Reduce flowers2 by 50% and place above the smaller circle to the bottom right
Reduce branch1 by 50% then free rotate 10 to the  left,duplicate mirror and flip.
 place at the tip of the branch to the top edge of the bottom right circle.
 Reduce frame5 by 25% place over the left branch on the top portion of the larger left circle.
Reduce flowers1 by 50% and place to the top left, duplicate mirror and flip
Reduce roses3 by 85% and place behind the large left circle layer
Place rose1 behind it to the bottom right
Place the window behind the frame background on the left edge then duplicate mirror and merge. Erse the dark top of the window,duplicate reduce by 80% free rotate 90 to the left and move to the top of the canvas
 Reduce scatter2 by 90% and place to the bottom of the canvas
 place doodle 3 under it, duplicate and flip
 place paper1 behind it and apply your mask
Reduce flourish1 by 70% and place over the small bottom right circle. align the heart so it is in the middle of the tag.
Place sparkle3 as the top layer in the middle of the canvas
Place the violin to the right
Reduce your tube by 70% and apply Sepia Toning at level 28
 ( where to find it- Effects-Photo Effects- Sepia Toning)
 Reduce tab1 by 40% then tab3 by 35% merge then together then sharpen.
 place charm2 reduced by 405 to the left edge of the tabs
Reduce butterflies2 by 40% and place behind the tube layer.
Place some flowers around your tag and reduce the sizes.
 i used flower2 reduced by 40%
button2 by 40%
flower1 by 35%
Add your name and glass effect,artist URL, CR and your license number
Thanks for looking

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