Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sexiness is My Middle Name

 Tube-Carly by Denis Prenzel
found here
Kit- Sexiness by Inzpired Creationz
Sold here
Font Mervale Script
 Mask- WSL 216
 Eye Candy, bevel Boss and Gradient Glow
Xero Greyscaler and Super smooth

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Add Halftone2 and increase the size by 130%
Place your tube over the black portion of the element as you wish. Using your magic wand,click the black portion of the element and adjust the position of your tube, invert selections and hit delete.
Apply Xero Greyscaler at default to the tube layer then duplicate and change then blend to multiply then merge down.
Apply Xero Super Smooth at default to the tube layer.
Add halftone 1 behind the larger one to the bottom left and top right.
Then crop your tag and add paper 8 and apply your mask.
Use the nodes on your pick tool set to scale to increase the size of your mask after you have merged group.
Reduce frame 3 by 805 and place between the large and small halftones and move to the right.
Place smear 1 over the bottom edge of the tube layer
Bow2 reduced by 805 place to the left side of the tube layer and gem1 reduced by 25% in the center of the bow
Add sparkles 2 to strategically cover the nipple
Reduce the following elements:
String1. Tiara1 and sex toy 6 by 50
shoe2 and purse2 by 40
perfume1 by 30
cosmetics 2 by 12
cosmetics 4 by 19
 Add your name then apply Eye Candy 4 Bevel Boss at these settings:
 Use button then move the node to look like my shape

 Then Gradient glow at these settings:

 Add artist URL, CR and your license number
Thanks for looking

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