Monday, March 23, 2015


Gloria by Oliver found here for purchase

FTU kit by Tasha called Sorrowful You 
dll here
Mask 28 by Horseplay pastures dll it here
Font-Jellyka Nathaniel mystery
Eye candy 5 Impact- Chrome
 Mura Meister Copies

 Open a new canvas by 650 by 650
 Reduce frame 3 by 80%
Place paper2 behind the frame, click inside the frame, invert selections and hit delete
 Place the tube above the frame layer and apply Effects- Photo Effects- Film & Filters- muted reds at default.
Click inside the frame ,increase the selections by 2 invert selections and erase the bottom of the tube except for the bottom of the sweater.
Place paper 1 and apply your mask
Place the tree element right behind the tube layer to the left, duplicate and mirror then merge down.
Erase the bottom stumps that is hanging pass the bottom edge of the frame layer.
 Duplicate the trees layer,flip and move under the frame layer.
place  sparkles reduced by 80% above the flipped trees layer.
Place the clock behind the tube layer to the right.
 place wings2 and leaves behind it.
Reduce the roses element by 80% and place to the right of the tube following the angle of the arm. Duplicate and flip place under the clock layer on the left edge of the clock.
 Duplicate again and free rotate 90 to the right , reduce by 50%, duplicate again and flip. Move them together then merge down and apply mura Mister Copies Encircle

using your pick tool set to scale pull the sides to match the side of the frame.
Flip sparkles2 and place over the bottm edge of the tube layer.
 Reduce elements heart,net and goblet by 50%
 Place the goblet, heart and flower to the left
Place flower2 over the roses layer, chain and net under the roses layer
 Reduce the gem and raven by 20%.
 Place the gem on the pendant and the bird on the tree
 Add your name , convert to raster then apply Chrome at these settings:


Add  the artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking


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