Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vie En Rose

Selisan Al-Gaib
Tube Rose
 sold here
KIT DESIGNER: Irish Princess Designs
 Kit- Romantic Roses 
 Sold Here
 MASK: Moonbeams and spider webs download it Here
FONT: Sky High

Open  new canvas 650 by 650 and place paper2  then apply your mask
Place el1 and apply Mura Mesiter copies encircle
Place el 85 over the flower circle. then duplicate the leaves and place under the flower layer, duplicate mirror, merge down and duplicate and flip.
 merge the bottom leaves layers together
 Reduce el 97 by 505 and place over the flower and leaves layer, click inside and expand your selections,add a new raster layer and copy /paste paper 5into selections
Reduce el 61 by 80% and place to the left, reduce el37 by 50% and place it right over the flowers
Plae your tube and activate the frame background layer , erase the bottom half of the tube except for her elbow and arm area.
Reduce the following elements
 el1 by 35%
elements 21, 60, 63,68 and70 by 50%
Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number

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