Saturday, March 7, 2015


 tube called wildflowers by Blackbehemot sold here
 Kit by Irish Princess Designs Called Moonfae's Garden 
 sold here
Maskset 43_3 by Rachel found here
 Font- Abdiel
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce the el39 by 80%
 Reduce your tube by 80% twice
Duplicate el 39 and reduce by 70%place one to the top right and the other to the bottom left.
 Reduce el 14 and place over the top of the smaller frames
Click inside all the frames and add a new raster layer copy/paste paper6 into selections.
Click inside of the larger frame and hit delete on el 14 and bot of the smaller frame layers
paper 5 and apply your mask
Reduce el 53  by 50% and place behind the frame to the top left
Place el 49 at the bottom of the canvas on top of the frames layers
Reduce el 59 and 85 by 50% then place them at the bottom edge of our canvas and tube
 Reduce el 43 by 505 and place behind the tube layer to the right
 place el 42 and 66 above this layer
 Reduce 4,21,23 and 40 by 50%
Reduce el 30 by 25% and 51 by 10% and free rotate the bow 25 to the left place to the right.
 Reduce el 27 and 73 by 15%
 Place el25 over the center frame and mirror. erase the bottom portion of the frame and use only the top arch then redice el9 and place on top
 Add your name then apply HSB noise at default and enhance the edges 
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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