Thursday, April 9, 2015

Days Of Old

Roxie By Oliver 
sold here
 kit by Graphics Of Fantasy
called  The Good Old Times
 Sold here
Font Before the Rain

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place frame2 on the canvas
Place the tube under each frame
 place paper under the tubes layer then with your freehand selections tool draw out the two inner spaces in the center of the frames, invert selections then hit delete on the paper and tube layer.
 Change the beldn on the tube layer to Luminance.
Reduce el 91 by 50% and place to the top left corner, duplicate flip and mirror.
 Then place el76, using your pick tool set to scale enlarge the vines to each corner of the canvas
Add el 43 to the bottom left, duplicate mirror and place on the top and bottom right side of the canvas
Add el 57 to the bottom left, reduce el45 by 80% and place to the top right
Place el98top right and 14 to the bottom right
Place el 33 to the top right then duplicate,mirror and flip
Right under the frames layer place el 84 to the top and 31 to the bottom left.
place el 32 on top of the frame layer towards the bottom of the canvas
Reduce the following elements and arrange to your liking
elements9, 17 26,28,41,56,58, 75,94 by 20%
el 66 by 30%
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