Thursday, April 9, 2015

Keep Your Tiara On

New tube with the Pinup Fantasies Mag - summer and zombie layers, and an Easter layer too

Tube HotZombieEaster by Freya Langford -Sidebottom
 Sold here
Kit by Inzpired Creationz
 Glam Girl 
 sold here
Template 152  by dee download it here
mask by Lori download either one it will work with this tut
Open the template 
Copy/paste paper10 into selections of layer of the creme circle, duplicate the circle and move one up to the left and the other to the bottom right
 Flood fill orange octagon and pink rectangle with the color red. I used this color #8f0101
Copy/paste paper5 into the selections of layer large grey circle 
 then reduce frame2 by 90% twice and place over the circle
Copy/paste paper2 into the selections of layer orange rectangle and apply a thick white gradient glow
Place flower cluster 2 behind the grey circle and copy/paste paper4 into the selections of the circle
Using the dashed circle as a guide reduce frame1 by 70% twice and place it to the top of the dashed circle , duplicate and match the bottom of the dashed circle. then delete it
Copy/paste paper7 into the selections of layer cream rectangle 
 reduce effel tower1 by 50% and place to the left on top of the cream rectangle layer.
Copy/paste paper6 into the selections of layer cream octagon
And paper 8 into the pink boxes layer.
 Delete the scroll and tiara layer as well as the CR info
Copy/paste paper12 into the selections of layer grey octagon
 Reduce tiara1 and flourish1 mirrored by 25%
Diary by 35% and balloons by 40%
Add sparkles2
and flowers2
 Place your tube
and adjust the suit alittle to match the kit
using hue/saturation/lightness at these settings:
 Add a thick white gradient glow to the word art and you name
Add artist URL, CR and your license number
 Below is the non zombie version of the tag

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