Monday, April 13, 2015

Pretty In Spring

Tube by Misticheskaya of
 Kit by Inzpired  Creationz
Sassie's Garden
Sold here
Template 38 by Dee found here
 Mask WSL 128
 font Blood Shade
Open your template
We are gonna use the template as a guide and not use all the layers.
Place frame 2 over the pink Oval layer. Align so it will be in the center of the oval per say then delete the pink and white oval layers
Click inside of the frame, expand ypir selections by 20 then add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper1 into selections,move layer under the frame layer.
 Place clouds3 to the top left using your pick tool so you wont cut off any of the element behind the paper layer of the frame.
Delete the info, pig and wordart layers
Reduce frame 1 by 65% and align with the brown rectangle layer, then delete it.
 Reduce paper5 by 45% and place behind the frame, click inside, expand your selections by 2 , invert selections then hit delete
place the wish well element over the bright pink rectangle then delete .
Delete the bright pink stripe and stars
using the purple ribbon tails as a guide reduse  grass2 and flowers2 by 50 % and place over the layers then delete them
Using the cream and purple rectangle as a guide reduce grass3 by 65% and place over it then reduce ground coverage by 70% and place over the original grass then delete the cream,purple and purple D/s  and dotted rectangle layers
Copy'paste paper4 into the cream part circle and paper6 into the brown part circle
Reduce the following elements
basket, rock,branches,1,2and 3,leaves2 and scattered flowers by 50%
 bow2 and flower pot1 by 25%
butterfly 3 and flower 1 by 10%
Add your tube, mirror then reduce by 42%
 sparkle and butterfy1 by 70%
Add paper10 and apply your mask.
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number
thanks for looking

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