Saturday, April 11, 2015

Violet Spring Forum set

Tube by Verymany Sold here
 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called
 Jessica's Picnic
Sold here
Eye candy Textures
Template 150by spawn download it here

 Open your template
 Add paper 45 over the foreground 2 layer
 Reduce the paper by 80% invert selections of the foreground layer then hit delete
Flood fill foreground1 and broken mirror layer with a gradient using two colors from the kit. I used the red and purple
n the broken mirror layer I apply Eye candy5 textures swirl
Place your tube in the center. I reduced mine by 75%
Reduce el 163 by 50% and place to the right following the curve of the foreground layer
place el 161 reduced by 50% in front of the  tree.
Add the rest of the flowers using the curve as a guide. i reduced the following elements as follows:
116,148,119 by 25%
118,123,144 by 20%
121 by 15%
 Add your name with the same gradient we used before then enhance edges
Copy/paste paper13 into the selections of the border
artist URL, CR and your license number

 to make the avatar i closed off the border layer.
Merge visible
 Using my rectangular selection tool I selected an area of the tube sized 200 by 200.
 You can see the size of the selection on the bottom right of the PSP program and stop when iot gets to the desired size, then promote the layer . copy as a new image
 Add borders 1 pixel on all for sides then add your name, artist CR and your license number
 thanks for looking

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