Friday, April 17, 2015

Zombody Lubs Me

tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom
Candy Von Corpse
Sold here

 FTU kit by Toxic Desirez
 download it here
 Template 269 by Becky
 Download it here
 Mask by Weescotlass- WSL363
Font-Space comics
Penta color dot
Eye Candy Gradient glow

All papers and elements were colorized to match the tube using Hue/Saturation/Lightness
at these settings:

 Open your template and delete the following layers:
 corner swirly, credits,lace, frame1,2 and 3 lace and shadows, rectangle1,2,3 lace, ,live,laugh,love
Add paper4 and apply your mask, merge group then mirror
 place the splatter element to the bottom left, duplicate,mirror,flip and merge down.
Place frame 3 right under the rect background layer.
 Copy/paste paper into the rectangle background layer then apply a thick black and white gradient glow
 Change the color of Rectangle 1b,2b,3b to the color black
Over Rectangle 1a,2a,3a place desired papers then invert selections and hit delete
Copy/paste paper6 into selections of the frame 1,2 and 3 layers
Reduce frame1 by 25% and place over the frame layers
Flood fill frame1,2 and 3 fill with a gradient 45 degrees and 5 repeat with two colors from the tube.
Place the tube over each frame fill and change the blend to overlay. erase the excess tube.
Place flower3 and bow 3 in the center of the canvas
 Add a thick white gradient glow to the flower layer
Add your tube reduced by 85%
Duplicate it and change the blend to hard light
Reduce bow1 by 50% and free rotate it 25 to the right
Reduce the following elements
 Teddy, ribs, ice scream, eye ball and barrel by 35%
 Add your name in white with a stroke of black sized4
 Click inside the white lettering and apply Textures- Blinds at these settings:
 Change the blend to multiply
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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