Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dainty Doggy Forum Set


Dachshund By Kajenna
 Sold here
 FTU KIt called Dita by Wicked princess
 Download it here
Toadies-where are you
 Xenofex2 Constellations
Xero Fritillary
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
 Preset shape by CEA
download 180 shape( all the way at the bottom of the page)
 download it here

Open a new canvas 600 by 350
Install the preset shape in your program
the shape we are going to use is CEA random shape 64
Make your shape in the center of your canvas making sure the side edged don't touch the edges of the canvas , We need room to play.
Convert to raster then open your image from the tube or a nice scenery paper from a scrap kit
I reduced the image by 35% placed over the shape, selected the shape,select all,invert selections and hit delete on the image layer. Do not deselect.
Reduce your tube by 32% then place over the image layer and hit delete
Select all on the image layer , float, defloat, modify,select  selection borders at these  settings:
then apply inner bevel at these settings:
then apply this bevel to the tube layer with the selection borders still being activated. Then apply your drop shadow
to the tube layer with the selection borders still selected
Delete the original shape we made and duplicate the image layer
 Reduce the duplicate by 855 and apply Zero Fritillary at these settings:
duplicate  the frit layer and place to the bottom right and the other to the top left as shown in my fritillary preview
move this layer under the image layer then duplicate the image layer once again and apply
 Toadies where are you
then apply Xenofex2 - Constellation or any filter/plugin you have that gives you sparkles
 and move it to the top , duplicate and move the other to the bottom and place these layers below the fritillary layers
 To decorate i used the elements from the kit I linked above
 I reduced the following elements
Books1 by 40%
Flowers1,2 and 5 by 25%
tag  by 23%
Add your name and a gradient glow
 Artist URL, CR and your license number
To make the avatar
 Open a new canvas 200 by 200
 repeat the functions in making the shape and image.
this time reduce the tube by 20-15%
 merge all the items in your decor and reduce them by 40%
Add your name or initial artist CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking
And thanks for showing interest  and requesting this to be a tutorial
The version of this tut shown below has a kit that is no longer FTU or available for download

Saturday, May 30, 2015


 Constellation Scorpio by Arthur Crowe 
and matching kit by Irish Princess Designs
Mask WSL254
 Fonts- Divine Right and 
Filters/plugins Xero porcelain

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place el 6 then place el5 to match the curve of the moon
Free rotate el 26 90 to the right then place behind the right side of the moon.
 Enhance edges and place el 16 to the left behind the sun.
 Align the element with he edge of the sun then duplicate and change the blend to multiply
Reduce el 11 by 50% and pace between the sun and the moon and move to the last layer of the  tag
Add el 2 above the sun and the moon
Apply Xero Porcelain to both the sun and the moon element 
 Place your tube and add the same filter
Add the scorpion from the tube and reduce by 45% and place behind the tube layer
Reduce el 17,18 and 29 by 25%
 Type out the word Scorpio in the Divine right font sized 135 and free rotate it 90 to the right.
 Then copy/paste paper 10 into selections of the word.Duplicate it and change the blend to multiply , merge down the duplicate again and apply emboss and change the blend to overlay
Add paper 12 and reduce by 75% then add the tube closeup mirrored and aligned to look thru the word Scorpio. Change the blend to luminance and merge down the apply your mask, merge group and duplicate to darken
 add your name, artist URL , Cr and your license number

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tropical Drinks

 Tube called swim by Nocturne 
 sold here
 Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
called Tropical Punch
 sold here
Font Across the road
Pixel font- FFF harmony
 mask of choice- I used rebel designs mask

Mura Miester Copies 

Reduce the tube by 48%
Duplicate and change the top tube's blend to multiply
Reduce frame 21 by 50%
Add paper 52 behind the frame and move it up to have the bottom edge of the paper meet the bottom edge of your canvas
 Duplicate it and change the blend to the top paper to multiply and merge down.
Click inside the frame with your magic wand and increase the selections by 2.
promote the paper layer. then Type in pixel size 8 with a pixel font " Tropical Drinks" in the color white, do not convert to raster, align to center then convert to raster and apply Mura Meister copies tiling ( angled) space at 2. then change the blend to over lay and merge down on the large paper layer.
 Apply your mask.
On the left side of the frame reduce the following elements:
21  and 69 at 30% rotate the anchor
113 at 26%
64 at 25% ( delte the yellow surf board)
100 at 20%
36 at 15%
137 at 7%
 place el 110 over the anchor layer towards the left and change the blend to luminance
Reduce el 59 by 10% and el24 by24 by 5%
On the right reduce the following elements
168  and 103by 50%
158 by 35%
98 by 30%
22, 61and 80 by 25%
139 and 109 by 20%
117  and 7by 15%
Reduce 104 by25% flip and bring to the bottom of the canvas add, noise at 100 and place about for time to fill the bottom of the tag
 add your name, artist URL and your CR

Summer Is Here Tut & Free Wordart

 Beach by Kajenna is sold here
Citrus&Sage kit by Jackie's Jewels
 Can be found here
 Free Wordart
 Just click to enlarge and right click to save
Brush Flair for the name
Wordart Loki Cola and choice of thick font
Mask: Rachel's mask 4 set 68 download it here
 Eye Candy Chrome, Gradient glow
drop shadow used in the tag 4,0,41,5 black
  Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 flood fill background in white
 Reduce your tube by 32%
Lately I've been building my tags with the tube situated first then the elements around the tube. 
Lastly I'll add a frame then papers if i am not using a template or making one.
 So first I reduced el 9 by 70% and place it between the cat's legs( kinda where the artist placed the drink on the tube layer)
Reduce el 29 by 25% and place it by the straw of the drink
Reduce el 51 by 50% and place behind the tube at the bottom edge of the tube's paws to the left and right.
Reduce flowers 33,19 and 60 by 80%
Place 52,41 and 54 to the left
 place el 59 and 62 right behind the tube layer
Place 61,72,57 and 40 to the right
Place el1 behind the elements as the last layer and pull the frame to elongate it using the pick tool set to shear. pull the top node to the left and the bottom node to the right
Thank click inside , expand your selections, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper2 into selections.
 Add a thick white gradient glow to the frame
 Add el 45 behind it then add paper 6 and apply your mask
Reduce el 55 and 43 by 40%
 on the right reduce el 13 at 50% and 18 at 25%
Place el 26 right under the glass layer
Thank pace your wordart over it. Click " Is Here" with your selection magic wand and promote the layer.
Select all and copy/paste paper12 into selections
 reduce el 51 by 25% and place at the bottom edge of the lettering, select all on the letting invert selections to erase the excess grass.
 then add a thick yellow and orange gradient glow
 on the rest of the word art I reduce paper9 by 25% and just selected the letters i wanted to cover. Then duplicated and change the blend to screen. Merged down then added a gradient glow
Reduce and mirror el49 by 25%
 I added some other single flowers and reduced them by 25% and 30.
 Select the paw of the tube and promote the layer over the word art
 Reduce the el44 by 15% and add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Sunday, May 24, 2015

America The Beautiful

 America-kit by Toxic Desirez
 sold here

 tube by Keith Garvey
Font Amerika
 Mask Cripsified mask 7 download it here

 Open  NEW canvas 650 by 650
Add your tube and duplicate it change then blend to hard light then merge down
 Reduce frame 3 by 80% and place behind the tube layer.
Add paper 6 behind the frame, click inside the frame windows, expand the selections by 2, invert the selections and hit delete.
 Add the banners on top of the paper layer and under the frame and hit delete
 duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to multiply
Place the fireworks behind this layer then place frame1 , reduced by 95% and free rotated 10 to the right
Add paper 2 and apply your mask.Merge group, duplicate the mask, merge down and apply  noise at 100.
Add the platter element to the bottom left under the fireworks layer , duplicate mirror and flip.
 Place the ribbon element above the mask layer
reduce the drum and the statue of liberty at 50% and place on each side of the frame layer.
Reduce the hat and rocket by 25% and place at the bottom right of the framer.
 Add the gem free rotate to to the left to the bottom left of the frame 
 toe hide the bottom edge of the tube layer add the lights element and erase any portion hanging pass the lateral sides of the frame.
Add your name and apply an outline or gradient glow
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 To animate freehand select the sparks on the rocket layer and promote the layer.
 Duplicate it twice for three layers then add noise at 100, 90 and 80
Repeat this function with the flame on the statue of liberty but instead of using noise use the light. darken tool sized 10 and lighten a portion starting from the bottom to the top. i also colorized the flame to a yellow.
 To animate the fire work i duplicated it and reduced by 80%, then duplicate the 80% layer and reduced again.
 Then duplicate the larger(original) firework  and apply Toadies Blast at 7 strength.
 Close all layers then copy to your animating program.
save a s a GIF
Thanks for looking

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Police Line

 Tube Kit kat by Barbara Jensen found in pack 71
sold here
Kit used in this tutorial is called Under Arrest by Crazy Carita
 sold here
 mask by Rachel set 63 mask 4 download it here

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
place you tube from your layered pack on the canvas and duplicate it.
 Change the blend to hard light on the top tube then merge down
I started to build this tag with items on the left and worked my way around .
I placed el4 at the bottom left of the tube then reduced el2 by 50% and place on top of it
right behind the hat I placed el8 at the point of the hat and behind the tube placed el11 at the cross section of the batons
I added the bike element in front of the badge layer
 Reduced el 23 by 80% and placed it behind on the bottom edge of the canvas
Then place el 3 to the left
 Place el1 and select all, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 3 into selections. Change the blend to burn and merge down
 Add el 26 above this layer and move mainly to the right.
 Add your close up tube,invert selections of the splatter and hit delete on the tube layer. 
Change the blend to Luminance (L)
 Add el 6 over this layer
Reduce el 10 bu 80% and place at the bottom edge of the tube. Erase any part of the tube pass this element's bottom edge.
Reduce el 22 by 505 and place to the bottom right.
Add paper6 and apply your mask.Merge group and duplicate.
 Apply TOADIES-DARWIN at default and then apply Noise at 100
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 If you are planning to animate
Duplicate the Darwin layer three times before you add noise to it
 I used a pre made animation called gun shot_AHC2011

Sexy Aussie

Tube Clementine by Jose Cano
Matching kit by Kizzed By Kelz
 coming soon to
font- Brad
CEA random 004 pre set shape
Download the shapes here
mask- Chrissys chaos mask 34 download it here
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your main tube by 50%
duplicate and change the blend to soft light
Place paper1 behind the tube to create the scenery
Reduce the following elements:
place el 7 over the truck layer to the right and  el8 under the truck later to the right
Make the shape over the paper layer then select all and promote the later then apply Eye candy Glass at default
 Here is the shape in case you can't get it from the net
Click to enlarge then right click to save
Add your close up tube to the left reduced by 50%
 then erase the excess tube and change the blend to overlay
Add paper 11 and apply your mask
Add your name in a gradient then enhance the edges twice
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number

A Country Walk

Country Girl tube by Kajenna
 Sold here
 Country Road kit by Pink Paradox Productions
 Sold here
Font- Jennifer Lynne
 Mask 40 by Mizteeque download it here
the one on the bottom

 open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Drop shadow for all elements are 2,2,100,5 and this color brown
 It gave a nice shade and color to this tag
 reduce your tube by 32%
Reduce el 137 by 50% then free rotate it 10 to the left
 Add to the canvas again and reduce it by 50% then again by 75%
 move to the bottom right
 Add paper 9 and reduce by 65%
 Click inside the larger frame  with the feathering set to 20 and promote the paper under the frame layer 
 repeat with the smaller frame then delete the original paper
Right behind the paper layer place el 156 to the bottom left, duplicate, mirror and flip
Reduce el 151 and 160 by 50% and place up top along with el 144 and el 140 reduce by  35%
 Place in the center  elements  149 and 170 reduced by 85%
 on the bottom right el 143 reduced by 55% and on the left el 168 by 45%
el 169 by 20% on the very bottom on the left
to finish up the top i used el167 reduced by 50% and el 150 by 80%
 Add paper 1 and apply your mask. merge group then reduce by 50% and copy /paste on each corner of the canvas then merge them together
To make the little bow cluster on the top left frame reduce el 188 by 20% , el 186 by 10% then to top it off el 142 by 5%
the rest of the elements were reduced in the following order
Add your name and a gradient glow then change the blend to overlay
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


  Super Skullie by Toxic Desirez
 sold here
Tube by Arthur Crowe of
Font Gramaphone
 Mask MC mask 7 dll it here

Open a new canvas and reduce your main tube by 75%
Add frame3 behind it , click inside the frame, expand your selections by 2, invert selections and erase the bottom portion of your tube.
 add paper 12 and hit delete. Duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to hard light.
place sound FX to the top left and  building reduced by 50% to the top right
Place lightening bolt to the left and reduced,mirrored star burst by 50% to the right
Reduce the motorcycle by 75% and place behind the tube layer and reduce  the winged skull  by 85% and place in front of the tube
Add skullie doodle to the top right  and splatter twice at the bottom right and left
  Add paper 11 and apply your mask.  Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 To animate I used Xenofex2- constellations on the paper layer. After I duplicated the paper layer three times to give me four layers. Change the seed on each layer.
On the masked layer place the paper 11 again and flip then apply your mask. place the paper,mirror it then apply your mask. then for the last time rotate 90 to the right..
The make the motorcycle animate i duplicated the bike. using the lighten/darken tool set to size 20 i lightened the head lights area
Then select the tire shine by way of the free hand selection tool, promote the layer.
On the bike layer we just brightened color in the tire shine to match the rest of the tire. you can do this one of two ways,using the brush tool after you color pick your color to use OR the clone brush.
 Duplicate the promoted tire shine then free rotate it 20 to the left. arrange on the tire. Rotate the rest 20 to the right, then 40 to the right. and arrange on the tire.
 Copy each merged layer to your animating program setting the speed to ten
 Save as a GIF

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lazy Summer

Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called
 Summer Sangria
 sold here
Tube artist Used is Nocturne found here for purchase

Template 59 by Dee found here
 Wordart found here
Font Jack and the beanstalk
 mask of Choice
 Eye candy 4 chrome and gradient glow
Open your template and reduce the entire size by 650 on it's longest side then increase the canvas 650 by 650 , flood fill the background in white
 Reduce your tube by 45%
Add paper 33 , duplicate and change the blend to multiply , merge down and apply your mask ,move to the last layer of the canvas
 Reduce el 166 by 50% and 165 by 35% and place around the template above the masked layer.
Reduce el 116 and 25 by 50% and place above the foliage layer
Flood fill the grey oval layer in a metal copper gradient then duplicate and apply Chrome setting at liquid metal, move under the flood filled layer change the blend to color merge down then enhance edges.
 repeat with the white squares layer
 Copy/paste paper60 into the selections of the black oval layer then flood fill every other ray with the purple from your tube's shirt #5c2a72
 Reduce el 65 by 50% free rotate it 10 to the left and place above the oval layer to the right
Copy/paste paper38 into the selections of the black large rectangle
Reduce el 95 by 40% and place over the  white square layer then duplicate ans change the blend to multiply, delete the white square.
 flood fill the large grey rectangle in the purple we used before
Copy/paste the following papers into the selections:
paper 62 - white strip
paper 53 - black stripes
paper8 - grey strip 
 delete the stars ,text,CR layers
paper 22 - black squares
 Over the small black strips layers reduce el33  by 50% and place over the layer as a guide
 Reduce the following elements:
44,43, by 40
46 by 35
27 ,41,45,48by 30
26 by 25
82 by 20
28,37 ,36 by 10
10 by 8
 Pace the word art , select all , add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper46 into selections, duplicate and  change the blend to multiply
 add a thick white gradient glow
Add your name, artist URL. CR and your license number

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Age of Aquarius

 Tube Constellation Aquaruis by Arthur Crowe
 Matching kit by Irish Princess designs
 Coming soon to
Mask set 55 mask2 by Rachel download it here
 Font- Early bird
 Unplugged Pastel

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce tube by 65%
Duplicate it and apply Unplugged pastel at these settings:
Change the blend to screen
 Then reduce the glow on your tube and add it under the original tube layer.
Reduce elements 2, 4, 14 by 35%
Reduce el 18 by 25%
el 13 by 50% and el 13 by 80%
Place elements 29,30, and 12 see tag for reference
 Add paper 12 then add the close up tubes over the paper layer and change the blend to screen.
 Increase the size of the mask to 750 by 750 then apply your mask to the merged paper
 Add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number
 below is an animated version

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tropical Heat

Tropical Beauty by Arthur Crowe
 and matching kit by Kizzed by Kelz
Font- Headcase
Mask set 62 mask 2 by Rachel download it here
 Template by me

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Right click and copy the template above and erase the CR info on the bottom right
Click inde each of the black circles and add a new raster layer.
 Copy/paste paper15 into selections. Duplicate and change then blend to suit the color you want I chnage the blend to burn then merge down , duplicated again and changed it to multiply and repeated that again until it was darkened.
 Add your close up tubes, select all on the paper layer, invert selections and hit delete. Change the blend on the tubes to screen
 Click the grey outline and add a new raster layer, copy/paste paper 13
into selections then expand your selections by1, flood fill in a gold gradient and apply noise at 100 twice.
Add paper 3 as the last layer then apply your mask
 place your tube and reduce to fit the canvas, duplicate and change the blend to screen
place el14 above the mask layer to the left, reduce el 21by 50% and place above the bamboo
 place el 15 to the top rt and el 2 above tghat to the right
place el 35 right behind the tube and el 27 right under the tube
Reduce el 8, 25 by 50%
 el 28 by 35%
el 22 and 26 by 20%
 el 5 by 15%
 el 20 by 12%
Add your name, artist URL CR and your license number