Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Country Walk

Country Girl tube by Kajenna
 Sold here
 Country Road kit by Pink Paradox Productions
 Sold here
Font- Jennifer Lynne
 Mask 40 by Mizteeque download it here
the one on the bottom

 open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Drop shadow for all elements are 2,2,100,5 and this color brown
 It gave a nice shade and color to this tag
 reduce your tube by 32%
Reduce el 137 by 50% then free rotate it 10 to the left
 Add to the canvas again and reduce it by 50% then again by 75%
 move to the bottom right
 Add paper 9 and reduce by 65%
 Click inside the larger frame  with the feathering set to 20 and promote the paper under the frame layer 
 repeat with the smaller frame then delete the original paper
Right behind the paper layer place el 156 to the bottom left, duplicate, mirror and flip
Reduce el 151 and 160 by 50% and place up top along with el 144 and el 140 reduce by  35%
 Place in the center  elements  149 and 170 reduced by 85%
 on the bottom right el 143 reduced by 55% and on the left el 168 by 45%
el 169 by 20% on the very bottom on the left
to finish up the top i used el167 reduced by 50% and el 150 by 80%
 Add paper 1 and apply your mask. merge group then reduce by 50% and copy /paste on each corner of the canvas then merge them together
To make the little bow cluster on the top left frame reduce el 188 by 20% , el 186 by 10% then to top it off el 142 by 5%
the rest of the elements were reduced in the following order
Add your name and a gradient glow then change the blend to overlay
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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