Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dainty Doggy Forum Set


Dachshund By Kajenna
 Sold here
 FTU KIt called Dita by Wicked princess
 Download it here
Toadies-where are you
 Xenofex2 Constellations
Xero Fritillary
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
 Preset shape by CEA
download 180 shape( all the way at the bottom of the page)
 download it here

Open a new canvas 600 by 350
Install the preset shape in your program
the shape we are going to use is CEA random shape 64
Make your shape in the center of your canvas making sure the side edged don't touch the edges of the canvas , We need room to play.
Convert to raster then open your image from the tube or a nice scenery paper from a scrap kit
I reduced the image by 35% placed over the shape, selected the shape,select all,invert selections and hit delete on the image layer. Do not deselect.
Reduce your tube by 32% then place over the image layer and hit delete
Select all on the image layer , float, defloat, modify,select  selection borders at these  settings:
then apply inner bevel at these settings:
then apply this bevel to the tube layer with the selection borders still being activated. Then apply your drop shadow
to the tube layer with the selection borders still selected
Delete the original shape we made and duplicate the image layer
 Reduce the duplicate by 855 and apply Zero Fritillary at these settings:
duplicate  the frit layer and place to the bottom right and the other to the top left as shown in my fritillary preview
move this layer under the image layer then duplicate the image layer once again and apply
 Toadies where are you
then apply Xenofex2 - Constellation or any filter/plugin you have that gives you sparkles
 and move it to the top , duplicate and move the other to the bottom and place these layers below the fritillary layers
 To decorate i used the elements from the kit I linked above
 I reduced the following elements
Books1 by 40%
Flowers1,2 and 5 by 25%
tag  by 23%
Add your name and a gradient glow
 Artist URL, CR and your license number
To make the avatar
 Open a new canvas 200 by 200
 repeat the functions in making the shape and image.
this time reduce the tube by 20-15%
 merge all the items in your decor and reduce them by 40%
Add your name or initial artist CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking
And thanks for showing interest  and requesting this to be a tutorial
The version of this tut shown below has a kit that is no longer FTU or available for download

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  1. Awww, Thanks Vanessa! This is a totally awesome tut!!!


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