Monday, May 18, 2015

Lazy Summer

Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called
 Summer Sangria
 sold here
Tube artist Used is Nocturne found here for purchase

Template 59 by Dee found here
 Wordart found here
Font Jack and the beanstalk
 mask of Choice
 Eye candy 4 chrome and gradient glow
Open your template and reduce the entire size by 650 on it's longest side then increase the canvas 650 by 650 , flood fill the background in white
 Reduce your tube by 45%
Add paper 33 , duplicate and change the blend to multiply , merge down and apply your mask ,move to the last layer of the canvas
 Reduce el 166 by 50% and 165 by 35% and place around the template above the masked layer.
Reduce el 116 and 25 by 50% and place above the foliage layer
Flood fill the grey oval layer in a metal copper gradient then duplicate and apply Chrome setting at liquid metal, move under the flood filled layer change the blend to color merge down then enhance edges.
 repeat with the white squares layer
 Copy/paste paper60 into the selections of the black oval layer then flood fill every other ray with the purple from your tube's shirt #5c2a72
 Reduce el 65 by 50% free rotate it 10 to the left and place above the oval layer to the right
Copy/paste paper38 into the selections of the black large rectangle
Reduce el 95 by 40% and place over the  white square layer then duplicate ans change the blend to multiply, delete the white square.
 flood fill the large grey rectangle in the purple we used before
Copy/paste the following papers into the selections:
paper 62 - white strip
paper 53 - black stripes
paper8 - grey strip 
 delete the stars ,text,CR layers
paper 22 - black squares
 Over the small black strips layers reduce el33  by 50% and place over the layer as a guide
 Reduce the following elements:
44,43, by 40
46 by 35
27 ,41,45,48by 30
26 by 25
82 by 20
28,37 ,36 by 10
10 by 8
 Pace the word art , select all , add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper46 into selections, duplicate and  change the blend to multiply
 add a thick white gradient glow
Add your name, artist URL. CR and your license number

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