Saturday, May 30, 2015


 Constellation Scorpio by Arthur Crowe 
and matching kit by Irish Princess Designs
Mask WSL254
 Fonts- Divine Right and 
Filters/plugins Xero porcelain

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place el 6 then place el5 to match the curve of the moon
Free rotate el 26 90 to the right then place behind the right side of the moon.
 Enhance edges and place el 16 to the left behind the sun.
 Align the element with he edge of the sun then duplicate and change the blend to multiply
Reduce el 11 by 50% and pace between the sun and the moon and move to the last layer of the  tag
Add el 2 above the sun and the moon
Apply Xero Porcelain to both the sun and the moon element 
 Place your tube and add the same filter
Add the scorpion from the tube and reduce by 45% and place behind the tube layer
Reduce el 17,18 and 29 by 25%
 Type out the word Scorpio in the Divine right font sized 135 and free rotate it 90 to the right.
 Then copy/paste paper 10 into selections of the word.Duplicate it and change the blend to multiply , merge down the duplicate again and apply emboss and change the blend to overlay
Add paper 12 and reduce by 75% then add the tube closeup mirrored and aligned to look thru the word Scorpio. Change the blend to luminance and merge down the apply your mask, merge group and duplicate to darken
 add your name, artist URL , Cr and your license number

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