Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Is Here Tut & Free Wordart

 Beach by Kajenna is sold here
Citrus&Sage kit by Jackie's Jewels
 Can be found here
 Free Wordart
 Just click to enlarge and right click to save
Brush Flair for the name
Wordart Loki Cola and choice of thick font
Mask: Rachel's mask 4 set 68 download it here
 Eye Candy Chrome, Gradient glow
drop shadow used in the tag 4,0,41,5 black
  Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 flood fill background in white
 Reduce your tube by 32%
Lately I've been building my tags with the tube situated first then the elements around the tube. 
Lastly I'll add a frame then papers if i am not using a template or making one.
 So first I reduced el 9 by 70% and place it between the cat's legs( kinda where the artist placed the drink on the tube layer)
Reduce el 29 by 25% and place it by the straw of the drink
Reduce el 51 by 50% and place behind the tube at the bottom edge of the tube's paws to the left and right.
Reduce flowers 33,19 and 60 by 80%
Place 52,41 and 54 to the left
 place el 59 and 62 right behind the tube layer
Place 61,72,57 and 40 to the right
Place el1 behind the elements as the last layer and pull the frame to elongate it using the pick tool set to shear. pull the top node to the left and the bottom node to the right
Thank click inside , expand your selections, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper2 into selections.
 Add a thick white gradient glow to the frame
 Add el 45 behind it then add paper 6 and apply your mask
Reduce el 55 and 43 by 40%
 on the right reduce el 13 at 50% and 18 at 25%
Place el 26 right under the glass layer
Thank pace your wordart over it. Click " Is Here" with your selection magic wand and promote the layer.
Select all and copy/paste paper12 into selections
 reduce el 51 by 25% and place at the bottom edge of the lettering, select all on the letting invert selections to erase the excess grass.
 then add a thick yellow and orange gradient glow
 on the rest of the word art I reduce paper9 by 25% and just selected the letters i wanted to cover. Then duplicated and change the blend to screen. Merged down then added a gradient glow
Reduce and mirror el49 by 25%
 I added some other single flowers and reduced them by 25% and 30.
 Select the paw of the tube and promote the layer over the word art
 Reduce the el44 by 15% and add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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