Wednesday, May 20, 2015


  Super Skullie by Toxic Desirez
 sold here
Tube by Arthur Crowe of
Font Gramaphone
 Mask MC mask 7 dll it here

Open a new canvas and reduce your main tube by 75%
Add frame3 behind it , click inside the frame, expand your selections by 2, invert selections and erase the bottom portion of your tube.
 add paper 12 and hit delete. Duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to hard light.
place sound FX to the top left and  building reduced by 50% to the top right
Place lightening bolt to the left and reduced,mirrored star burst by 50% to the right
Reduce the motorcycle by 75% and place behind the tube layer and reduce  the winged skull  by 85% and place in front of the tube
Add skullie doodle to the top right  and splatter twice at the bottom right and left
  Add paper 11 and apply your mask.  Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number
 To animate I used Xenofex2- constellations on the paper layer. After I duplicated the paper layer three times to give me four layers. Change the seed on each layer.
On the masked layer place the paper 11 again and flip then apply your mask. place the paper,mirror it then apply your mask. then for the last time rotate 90 to the right..
The make the motorcycle animate i duplicated the bike. using the lighten/darken tool set to size 20 i lightened the head lights area
Then select the tire shine by way of the free hand selection tool, promote the layer.
On the bike layer we just brightened color in the tire shine to match the rest of the tire. you can do this one of two ways,using the brush tool after you color pick your color to use OR the clone brush.
 Duplicate the promoted tire shine then free rotate it 20 to the left. arrange on the tire. Rotate the rest 20 to the right, then 40 to the right. and arrange on the tire.
 Copy each merged layer to your animating program setting the speed to ten
 Save as a GIF

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