Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tropical Drinks

 Tube called swim by Nocturne 
 sold here
 Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
called Tropical Punch
 sold here
Font Across the road
Pixel font- FFF harmony
 mask of choice- I used rebel designs mask

Mura Miester Copies 

Reduce the tube by 48%
Duplicate and change the top tube's blend to multiply
Reduce frame 21 by 50%
Add paper 52 behind the frame and move it up to have the bottom edge of the paper meet the bottom edge of your canvas
 Duplicate it and change the blend to the top paper to multiply and merge down.
Click inside the frame with your magic wand and increase the selections by 2.
promote the paper layer. then Type in pixel size 8 with a pixel font " Tropical Drinks" in the color white, do not convert to raster, align to center then convert to raster and apply Mura Meister copies tiling ( angled) space at 2. then change the blend to over lay and merge down on the large paper layer.
 Apply your mask.
On the left side of the frame reduce the following elements:
21  and 69 at 30% rotate the anchor
113 at 26%
64 at 25% ( delte the yellow surf board)
100 at 20%
36 at 15%
137 at 7%
 place el 110 over the anchor layer towards the left and change the blend to luminance
Reduce el 59 by 10% and el24 by24 by 5%
On the right reduce the following elements
168  and 103by 50%
158 by 35%
98 by 30%
22, 61and 80 by 25%
139 and 109 by 20%
117  and 7by 15%
Reduce 104 by25% flip and bring to the bottom of the canvas add, noise at 100 and place about for time to fill the bottom of the tag
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