Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tropical Heat

Tropical Beauty by Arthur Crowe
 and matching kit by Kizzed by Kelz
Font- Headcase
Mask set 62 mask 2 by Rachel download it here
 Template by me

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Right click and copy the template above and erase the CR info on the bottom right
Click inde each of the black circles and add a new raster layer.
 Copy/paste paper15 into selections. Duplicate and change then blend to suit the color you want I chnage the blend to burn then merge down , duplicated again and changed it to multiply and repeated that again until it was darkened.
 Add your close up tubes, select all on the paper layer, invert selections and hit delete. Change the blend on the tubes to screen
 Click the grey outline and add a new raster layer, copy/paste paper 13
into selections then expand your selections by1, flood fill in a gold gradient and apply noise at 100 twice.
Add paper 3 as the last layer then apply your mask
 place your tube and reduce to fit the canvas, duplicate and change the blend to screen
place el14 above the mask layer to the left, reduce el 21by 50% and place above the bamboo
 place el 15 to the top rt and el 2 above tghat to the right
place el 35 right behind the tube and el 27 right under the tube
Reduce el 8, 25 by 50%
 el 28 by 35%
el 22 and 26 by 20%
 el 5 by 15%
 el 20 by 12%
Add your name, artist URL CR and your license number

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