Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ethereal Beauty

Nocturne tube called Ethereal sold here 
Beautiful Angel by Pink Paradox Production
sold here
 font- Darleston
 Mask Trese mask 481 download masks here
Eye candy Chrome

Open a new canvas 650by 650
using frame 8 and frame 13. reduce a bit to fit the canvas
copy/paste paper 11 into the selections of frame 8 and paper 25 into the selection of frame13.
Add papr 7 as the last layer and apply your mask.
 Reduce your tube to fit the canvas and place under frame 8. free hand select the portion of the tube covered by the frame and promote the layer.
Reduce el 177 by 355 and place on the bottom right hand corner of the canvas over the masked layer
Place el 169 under the frame above the tube layer
reduce el 137 by 15%
el 13,16, 140 by  20%
el 1,28,44,129 ,133by 25%
el 115 by 50% and rotate 90 to the left
el 101,143,155 by 50%

requested font manipulation
 I used the Darleston font convert to raster
it really doesn't matter which color we chose it will be altered in the filter/plugin
I used eye candy4 chrome on the name
then changed the settings before you hit ok to liquid metal
then the bevel to button and change the color of the tint and highlight
 seen below
hit ok and voila the color is changed but for me it was still alittle dark so i duplicated it and change the blend to screen. Merge it down sharpen and drop shadow.
 add your artist URL, Cr and your license number

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