Monday, June 29, 2015

Furry Pirate

Pirate by Kajenna sold here
Pirate's Girl by Pink Paradox Productions 
 sold here
 CF Expedition font'
 mask114 by Millie download it here

 Reduce your tube by 32%
Then reduce frame by 25%
 duplicate twice to have three frames
place behind the tube then add your paper
Click inside the merged frames and expand the selections by 2, promoted the layer
Then apply your mask to the paper
 Reduce the following elements
50%- 7,51,52,112,160

 after you are done re-sizing merge all the elements above the frame layer .
 Then repeat with all the elements between the background paper layer and masked paper layer
 Apply  Effects- Photo Effects-Film&Filters: setting to night effect and level at 30 to the merged layers. then duplicate the layers and change the blend to hard light
 Add a new layer and set your foreground color to white.
using your paint brush tool setting size to 20 color the items on the left side edging to appear like a moon shine. then lower the opacity to 18.
 I colored the tube, frame, skull, hate, palm tree just the edges where i think the moon would shine
 Add your name in a gradient then apply noise at 18 and a thick drop shadow.
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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