Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kitty Luau

Tube by Kajenna called Fisherman sold here

 FTU kit By Melissa 
 download it here

 Template 168by Dee
 download it here

Mask 65
by Moon beams and spider webs
 Download it here

Font Jey
VM transmission
 Eye Candy Gradient glow

Open the template and reduce it by 650 on it's longest side
 delete the Cr,star circle, stars,pixel words and wordart layers
Copy/paste paper 5 into the beige square layer
paper 6 into the blue square layer
paper4 into the brown rectangle layer
paper10 into the light blue circle layer
 Apply a thick white gradient glow to all papered layers
Click outside the white circle layer and add a new raster layer.
 Copy/paste paper2 into selections then activate the blue circle layer , invert selections and hit delete on the paper layer we just added then apply a thick white gradient glow to the layer we just trimmed
 Add el 24 behind the red funky circle a couple of times following the circle around then merge them down and delete the red circle
Reduce your tube by 60
Reduce el 10 and 12 by 65%. Morrir both elements place the palm tree to the left and the umbrella on top of the tube layer , then erase the bottom edge to match the edge of the char.
 Reduce  el 9, 25 and 36 by 50%
el 11 and 17 by 70%
Place 14 and 34
 Reduce el7 by 80%
Using your magic wand click every other letter and promote the later. Apply VM transmission
The click the other letters, promote the layer.
 Reduce the tube by 25%, place over the letters, align an eyeball, invert selections of the promoted letter and hit delete on the reduced tube layers, changed the blend to soft light
 Go to the original wordart layer and select all, modify- contract by 5, invert selections then promote the layer. erase the little elements portion just leaving the white outline of the letters then apply noise at 100.
 Add paper7 then apply your mask, add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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