Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little Cowgirl

Tube by Kajenna called Cowboy
sold here
 FTU kit by Mizteeque called Wheat fields
 download it here
 Free Wordart by Millie
 wordart7 download it here
 Mask Horseplay pasture mask 22  download it here
Font- white vinegar
Gradient glow
tools used:
PSP picture tool
Photo filters- film&filters
 Illumination- Sunburst
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce the el 15 by75%  then free rotate it 20 to the right
 Reduce paper 7by 50% then erase the excess pass the outer edges of the frame
Ally Effects Illumination effects sunburst at these settings:

 Reduce your tube by 30% then apply Photo effects- Film & Filter glamour at default
Place el5 behind the paper layer the duplicate it and reduce by 75% , free rotate it 20 to the right, duplicate and mirror.
 Erase any bits hanging pass the bottom edge of the frame
Add paper 12 and apply your mask. Merge group reduce by 505 then copy/paste at each edge of the canvas. Why do i do this? i wanna see the mask LOL
Reduce el 3,10,11 ,12and 27 by 30%
 el 22 and 31 by 25%
el 8 and 20 by 15%
el 25 by 7%
I darned some of my elements by duplicating and change the blend to multiply. I like rich colored tags/pressies.
I am using PSP X2 and have some tubes that were pre-installed i also download some from the Corel website  from here. Google some and add your own as you wish.
 I used Grass01 and grassblades
 Yeah we have these picture tubes and most don't use them well today I am gonna show you how i use them
 Add a new raster layer and select the picture tube tool then select the picture you want. my settings are below.
 Add the grass in the center of your canvas.. Why? because if you add it on the corner it will get cut off. then duplicate your grass to make a small field under the tube then merge them down.
 No worries if you don't have this picture tube it is below. Right click to save
 Repeat with grass blades
 right click to save
 if not my settings: are below.
Add the word art of choice or non at all.
 If you use the one I used using your magic wand feather set to 0 click in the letter forming the word Cowgirl, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 13 into selections and lower the opacity to 51
Add a gradient glow to the original wordart,
add your name and a gradient glow, artist URL, CR and your license number


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