Monday, June 8, 2015

On The Road-Rockabilly Collab TUT

This Rocking Collab called Rock a Billy is sold fine stores
Items from this collab used
Tube artist- Arthur Crowe
Kit-Pink Paradox Productions
Template  Millie's PSP madness
Mask used-LynnOtt mask3
Font used- Smoothie Shoppe
 Open MPM template2, expand the canvas to 650 by 650
 delete the star and cr layers
using the papers starting from the bottom up on the template
 Add paper4 and apply your mask
Copy/paste papersinto selection of the following raster layers
 raster1 - paper 30
raster3- paper20
Select all on raster 6, paste paper25,invert selections and hit delete
 Working above the masked layer reduce el 136 by 355 and place at the top left then place el 137 to the right
In between both elements place el61
Add your tube or closeup over raster5 as well as el130.
 Invert selection on the raster layer and hit delete on the tube and element layers. Change the blend on the tube to  screen
Reduce el 78 by 505 and add to the top of the template layers to the right
reduce el 80 by 68% and your tube by 20%. Duplicate the tube change the blend to screen and opacity to 20
Place the other elements as you wish . i reduced mine as follows:
Add your name in a gradient glow then apply an inner bevel and gradient glow
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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