Monday, June 1, 2015


Exclusive tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom called 
Lady Bianca Death
Offer expires June5th
 How to get this exclusive!
Simply visit:
Vote for: Mel Special Effects Artist before 9am June 5th 2015 (Aus EST)
SCREENSHOT YOUR VOTE (and if you don't want to put your suburb just put "Hobart")
Email your screenshot to and Freya will email you this limited edition tube.
Offer ends June 5th 2015 and after the voting period expires this tube will no longer be available for giveaway or for sale so get her while you can and help Mel & Freya win an amazing vacation!

Kit used in this tutorial is by Toxic Desirez called 
 Zombie Wasteland
sold here

 Font BN Rock
 Mask WSL4
CEA Random Pre- set Shape
180shapes on the bottom of the page
 download here
Xero- Emphasis

Open a new canvas 6590 by 650
 Add the tube and apply Emphasis and color pick the lip color
Then reduce the tube by 80%
Apply Photo effects-film&filters glamour at default
Reduce the rubble by 65% and pl;ace at the bottom of the canvas then duplicate and apply Gaussian blur at 15. move under the original rubble and using the free hand selection tool setting feather to 5 select the bottom of the blurred rubble to eliminate the sharp edges toughing the bottom of the canvas
Reduce skull pile and power lines by 80%. Mirror the power lines and place both elements behind the tube layer
Place building2 behind the elements and reduce building 1 by 505 placing it behind the building2 to the the top right
place the background element behind the buildings matching the bottom edges. then take your push tool setting to
push the bottom edge of the background until you get to the bottom edge of the canvas. this covers the canvas and multiply the zombies in the background :)
then apply your mask, do not convert to raster using your pick tool set to scale on the mask layer and not the back ground layer pull the nodes to enlarge the mask to fit close to the edges of the canvas then merge group, duplicate to darken the mask.
Using your pre set shape tool make a large arrow above the masked layer. i used CEA random 175.
 Once you convert to raster, select all add paper6, invert selections and hit delete on the paper layer. crop your tag, Modify, selection borders at 4, add a new raster layer and flood fill in a color from the kit. i used the green then added some noise and drop shadowed twice 
 Fence 60%
Reduce the logo , sign2 , tape by 50%
 sign1 by 35%
zombie4, hernade by 25%
gas mask 20%
 hand, hand print and goggles by 15%
 Apply Xenofex cracks top sign 2 setting to gouges:
Apply Xenofex Stain rust spots to sign1 and the fence
 apply uit again to the fence and change the seed
 Free rotate the tap element 10 to the left
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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