Friday, June 5, 2015

Skully Princess

Kit by Toxic Desirez called Skullerella
 Sold here
Tube by Zlata M sold at

Font - Batman
 Mask- Rachel mask set 70 mask2 download it here
Template: Kristin template 251 download it here ( direct download on the right scroll down under Templates)
Eye Candy5 Textures
Eye Candy 4 Gradient glow

 Open the template and reduce it to 650 on it's longest side. then resize the canvas to 650 by 650
We are gonna build this tag from the last layer to the top layer
Add paper10 and apply your mask.
I duplicated it four times after I merged group to darken it
Add the splatter element to the top right and left
Add Frame1
Click/select with your magic wand  raster 8 and copy of raster 8 then add paper 6 ad a new raster layer, invert selections and hit delete. crop your tag add a white and black fat gradient glow. Select the white gradient and apply Noise at 100
Repeat with Rasters 7 and paper 2, Raster6 with paper3
Copy./paste paper11 into the selections of raster4.
Add a 4 pixel border in a gold gradient and apply noise at 100
Place the gear element over it
Reduce the bones border by 25% and place it over the striped paper layer on both side aligning it with the spoke of the gear element.
 Then using your rectangular selection tool select a strip right under the bones layer and apply Adjust-Brightness and contrast- brightness/contrast with settings: -255 and 100
 Reduce claws by 25% and place on the right Circle layer.
 Delete raster 3
 Copy/paste background into the raster 5
 Reduce frame 2 by 40% and reduce the web by 50%
Reduce the following elements
grass&skulls 90%
gravestone 50%
Cat 35%
spider,rose and skull2 25%
bat, rat and apple 15%
 Place your tube and reduce by 80% then place Rose and skulls over the bottom of the tube.
 Freehand select the hands and arm portion of your tube and promote the layer. Erase the bits so it looks like she is over the roses.
Add your name with a gold gradient out line in 2 pixels.
 Click inside the letters and apply Eye Candy5 textures- Diamond plate- Settings: gold small then apply Noise at 100, promote the layer and change the blend to multiply.
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 to animate it below I placed the rat element in the eye socket of the skull, duplicate it about three to four times moving it to the right to appear like it is retracting into the skull. then erase any part of the rat past the orbital ridge of the skull.
To make the ears move i used the warp brush sized 10-20 and the setting to push.
For the eye blink I freehand selected the orbits and promoted the layer.
using the push tool( not from the warp brush) I pushed down the eye starting from the crease in a pixel size of 5-10. after i did that then i used the soften tool pixel sized 5. To fix the makeup i color picked the purple on the inner canthus on the left and used the paint tool sized3 to paint just beside the inner canthus. Soften to smudge the makeup..
 name the promoted orbits " eyes open"
Paste to animation shop with the eyes open for the first three frames and then two frames with the eyes closed.
 for each frame open the different mouse layers.
Save as a GIF

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