Sunday, June 21, 2015

Super Pup

 tube by Kajenna called beach 
 sold here
 Kit by Toxic Desirez called
 Just Super' Sold here
font- chicken butt
mask MC mask 6 found here
Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 32%
Reduce the city by 85%  and place behind the dog layer
 Place wordart2 behind it up top and erase the bottom portion of the wordart.
 Duplicate the wordart twice the the bottom add a thick white gradient glow on the top open change the color to yellow then erase every other word in yellow
 place the doodle to the top left and apply a white gradient glow.
behind the doodle place action 1 and duplicate four times then apply Ey Candy 4 Jiggle at default  4 times and change the blend for each layer then close the top four layers for animating later
 add paper then apply your mask
 Place frame 3 right under the tube layer , click inside the frame, expand the selections then add paper to a new raster layer
 Reduce swirlies by 80% and place above the frame
 Reduce lights by 50% and place under the frame layer and duplicate four times
Using your light /darken brush set to size 15 lighten every other star, then on the next layer darken every other. alternate on each layer. Close the top four layers for animating later
Reduce the taxi by 50% , energy drink by 25% free rotate 20 to the left,place gem and star border
 add your name, artist URL and your license number
To animate place a merged copy of your tag to your animating program. I used Animation Shop3.
Unmerge the tag then close the duplicate bottom layer of the stars and action 1 layer. Open the next layer , merge visible and copy/paste to AS after current frame. repeat until all five layers are in the program then save as a GIF

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