Thursday, July 16, 2015

Falling Into Dark

Rusty Nail tube found in Pack 73 by Barbara Jensen
Found here
My animated version 
Tutorial for the PNG is found below

Kit Falling Dark By Crazy Carita
Found here
 mask-RR MASK1 SET1 download here
 Mura's Meister Copies
Toadies- Blast em!
VM Distort-circulation
Xenofex2 constellations
Xero Greyscaler

Add paper 2 and apply your mask, merge group, duplicate masked paper flip and mirror and move down as last layer
Place your tube in the center of the canvas
Add element 1, duplicate and change the blend to the top element to hard light, duplicate again and apply Toadies blast em then mirror
Place el 16 to the left of the tube between el1 layers showing the flames and el 26 to the right
 Freehand select the inside of el 1, invert selections and hit delete on the skull and fireplace layers
 Using the freehand selection tool again , select the eye sockets of the skull and promote the layer.
duplicate the fireplace reduce by 20% and place the fla\mes over each socket. 
Select the socket promoted layer, invert selections and delete the excess flames
place el 17 behind the skull and fireplace layer
Place el 2 and free rotate 45 to the right, reduce by 80% and click inside the frame, add a new raster layer copy/paste paper 8 into selections. Place this under the wire mesh layer
Place el 20 to the top right
Reduce el 33 by 30% and apply noise at 45 and Xenofex 2 Constellations setting to small stars
Reduce elements 12, 6 by 25%
 Place el 25 to the top left
 Reduce el24 by 70% and apply Xero Greyscaler. Move the brightness scale up to lighten the skulls to appear closer in color to the skull placed behind the tube layer
Reduce elements 27,18 and 34 by 50%
 Reduce el 23 by 45% and el 22 by 35% free rotated 70 to the left. Enhance edges on both elements.
 Erase a portion of the angled candle stick to appear it is laying in the middle of the skulls
 Place el 31 and apply VM Distort Circulation and place the leaves a couple of times around the cluster we made on the bottom of the canvas
Apply the element again and apply Circulation change the levels just a bit then apply 
Mura's Meister copies with these settings:
this will create a cluster then apply Encircle again but first you MUST Reset go to encircle again and place the default settings to create the circle
Place this behind the mesh layer
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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