Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hot Guard

 Life Guard By Jose Cano 
 Matching kit by Choco UK designs
 coming soon to
mask of choice
 font-Mona Shark
Eye candy Jiggle and gradient glow

Reduce your tube by 65%
Apply Photo effects,film&filters vivid skin tone, then duplicate apply Xero Radiance and lower the opacity to 55
Place el 22 behind the tube layer to the right, reduce el 26 by 505 and place at the bottom edge of the tube
place el 25 to the left and 24 to the right. erase the bottom of the tree trunks
 Reduce el 33 by 50% and place behind the palm tree on the left. free hand select the center of the sun omitting the rays.
 duplicate the sun on the bottom sun apply Gaussian blur8 on the middle sun apply Eye Candy Jiggle setting the movement to brownian motion
Place el9 to the bottom left  and el 49 as the last layer.
 Erase any foliage pass the top of the sun and below the bottom edge of the sand.
Reduce the following elements

Add paper of choice and apply your mask
 add your name,artist URL, CR and your license number

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